Process workshop: Design Methodologies


There is no such answer for design process. Design process is ‘the problem with the problem(perspective)’

On 21 Sept, A Design process workshop was instructed by Andy Neal in the afternoon, investigating different process models and tools.

We were divided in small group to understand and experience three different activities which was;


  1. 6 Thinking hats by Edward de Bono
  • six colours; red, white, yellow, black, red, green.
  • start and end with blue

Bono is one of the pioneers of Brain Training. In 1967 he invented the world famous Lateral Thinking technique. He is a proponent of the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He has dedicated his life to help people from around the world improve their thinking abilities and creativity skills. His courses such as  Six Thinking Hats Method and thinking tools have been used by top corporations, governments and world leaders but his tools have also been used by school children. His methodologies have been proven to help people of all thinking levels to make smarter decisions, faster.


2. Lateral thinking : Oblique strategies card.
What If you only have a piece of paper without a computer for the whole day?

Exercise) Think about the recent project that you have done and use the oblique strategies card to think about it.

I thought about one of my BA degree project called ‘Wander capsule: social platform app for solo travellers’ and found out the design process orders were flipped in some ways…and the resources was inappropriate in some ways.


3. Book Design thinking : Design Dice

  • Define
  • Research
  • Ideate
  • Prototype

Ref) Double diamond model


developed by the Design Council in 2005 as a graphical way of describing the design process.