Work with a social purpose.


21. Oct. 2016 Fri

Naresh Ramchandani  from Pentagram
HSCL 1st agency



Communicare means ‘to share’ in Latin.
To Naresh, Communication is a social act. 어워드에 어떻게 상을 탈 것인가. 물건을 잘 팔 것인가라기보다

  • With Society
    With anyone and everyone
    who’s misheard song lyrics
  1. With anyone who is idealist about a university education (with Sussex uni)

“Let’s change things” built a new manifesto rather than ad rife with uni students smiling on cover. ~with languages that can touch students as much as possible.

Naresh decided to study English literature to know more about wonderful writers and authors to articulate ideas to help society forward.

2.With anyone who feels that elite design might be a sham(가짜, 엉터리)
Elite designers against IKEA  존엘튼과 남편 데이빗을 차용한 ad


3. With anyone who is suspicious of gentrification
“Please do not be forgetting us’ campaign – a local mini market next to Sainsbury
went up

  • for society
  1. For younger people to care about their vote
  2. For all companies to reconcile their profit with their humanity – Al Dabbagh group

we give but we are not donors, we are citizens of the world

      3. For us all to guard and value the English language
he compared ‘jargon’ as a linguistic cocaine

Business jargon /

Pentagram holiday card

4. For all of us to fight the beauty myth – boots No.7

beauty campaign without showing beauty visually.

5. For us all to be greener in our everyday lives – Do the green things

— Not another make-up tutorial

Santa must die

실패하지않는다면 충분히 시도하지않은것이다

if it sth change for someone







Film Henry –