Global Practice 1; AKQA


Invest for the possibility of success, not the guarantee!

Ian Wharton (Group Creative director)

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AKQA is an ideas and innovation company.
We exist to create the future with our clients.

Working Process used in AKQA
  1. Hardcore research – Reading journal, re-journal it.
  2. Go out and speak to people (physical, digital)
  3. Pretend! Put yourself in the world of that scenario you are working on. Act it out.
  4. Prototype quickly. Jamie Oliver app was prototyped on paper


Wharton gave an example of working with a client from an airport. He said, “When customer asks for a mobile app, what client asked might not be the relevant solution. What they really need was a new signage of a way finding.”
This is the one of the reason why they never used focus group. Customers/clients actually don’t know what they exactly in need of.
He said “Our goal is to create things that are worthy for the investment of people’s time.” 

“Working for clients is charging for people’s time”

Some inspiring thoughts from Wharton
  • Don’t just assume that you know about it.
  • Ask if this would this make their(customer’s) life better.
  • Never leap to a conclusion before you know what the problem is.
  • Stay Simple. Don’t over engine because life is super complex already.

Advice for MA students 🙂
  1. We are expected to create a certainty. But that is entirely wrong.
    –>  Invest for the possibility of success, not the guarantee!
  2.  Unfortunately what world expect you all is to be multidisciplinary of everything.
     If you are born as a designer, don’t assume that you can’t write.
  3. Allow yourself a room to f*** up. Dare to fail. Failure is never fun!
    Allow yourself to write a crap sentence… and nail it.
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Global Practice: Berlin-Tokyo-NY

06 OCT 2016, Thur

Brighten the corner / Frank Phillipin
6D / Kishino Shogo
The partners

  1. Brighten the corner / Frank Phillipin    

“We like simple design. We like to keep things clear and enjoy editing out all the unnecessary bits that cling to ideas, so you can call us minimalists, it’s OK. But we don’t like dry work. We believe design should be concept driven, personally formed as well as engaging & fun.”

Brighten the Corners is Frank Philippin and Billy Kiosoglou. A German and a Greek, we met studying Graphic Design and set up Brighten the Corners after graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 1999. We have a studio in London (Brixton) and in the Odenwald (near Darmstadt/Frankfurt).

Over the years, we’ve worked with many clients including the Goethe-Insitut, the British Council, the Department for Education, Accenture, and Laurence King Publishing, happily switching between public sector, corporate and cultural environments. All along we’ve resisted specialising. This is important to us, as we feel that doing the same thing over and over leads to formulaic responses, and they never quite work. And it keeps us on our toes, so that we don’t become “those guys who only do annual reports” or something equally scary.

We’ve won quite a few awards as well. Not just for posters, logos, programmes, websites or events we’ve designed, but most recently for the outcome of a university workshop. And we like to keep our hands in many pies: we publish and sell work in our online shop and teach Graphic Design at the University of Darmstadt and UAL: Camberwell College of Arts in London.
For more information about who we are, why we have this name, our manifesto, how to brighten the corners, or a list of our awardspublications (print, online & TV/radio), talksexhibitions and clients, click accordingly.we’ve kept our studio small.”



When working borderless, meetings / concepts / Skype / layouts / invoicing


Brighten the corner / Frank Phillipin  
6D / Kishino Shogo
The partners

His studio resisted on specialising. But he works on books logos identities posters websites

기시노 쇼고가 최그에 다시 읽고있는 책. 일본의 디자인레전드

People say posters are going to be out fashioned but, paper, books  –

i want people to hold my design in their hand and feel the texture, nostalgic,

producing < experiencing




Brighten the corner / Frank Phillipin  
6D / Kishino Shogo
The partners / Nick clark


dealing with brands in global scale

design and strategy for brands

smart, agile problem-solvers

expert collaborators

80 ppl in ny(10), london(60) and singapore(10ish)

30 yrs of doing it

part of WPP (2000~)


graphic design — brand strategy

same ethos around


colgate 미국에서 큰 클라이언트. 3.5billion consumers!

  • oral care -> smile displays health but also mental health + optimism

— everyone deserves a future they can smile about —



영국이 concept development / ideation에 대한 것이라면

미국은 aesthetic.  energy.


We need someone to come to office and challenge us. Rise that challenge.


designers who can ‘write’ is a big ability.

write manifestos, design beautiful brand…..