A point of view is the filter through which story is told

your point of view can have any ‘tone’. You need to have a tone of voice. reflecting on your role,

  • Criticality
  • Reframing
  • Redefinition

Curation VS Collection

It is not only a bout giving an opinion on something. It’s about

Simpson book(정식 이름. 이미지. 무엇인지) is an example of reframing. More than just a collection, curation is taking things and critically


reframing them, redefining them.


40 Days of Dating / Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman 프로젝트 설명.

openly subjective. Their tone is protagonist. They used ‘dating’ to reframe and redefine putting a critical framework

Unread Messages  / Six Thirty


Architecture of Dogs / Kenya Hara, Re-design


우리의 일상은 디자인으로 뒤덮혀있다.

Panasonic remote control

How do you get sense of what you are drinking: juice project.


The Happy Show / Stephan Sagmeister 

TED Talk by Sagmeister

spent 6 years on happiness


Alexander Chen from Google Creative Lab

Why do we curate and write?

Critical Theory

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Critical texts (books / book chapters)
  • Conference proceedings

Bibliographies from exiting texts
Conclusions from existing texts (areas for further research)




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