Boundaries: Morgan

30 Nov – narrative and framing


what imagine frames are, what frames are doing in fine art frame.

Frederic Lord Leighton – Last watch of Hero 1880

this is art, and worth looking at. its authoritative. distinctive effect.


  1. Architectural;
  2. joining the images together
  3. two windows: we see her looking out, what she is looking out.


Using the architecture frame of Speech bubbles

Charles Schultz – Peanuts 1960 

David carrier

Al Capp – Li’l Abner (detail) 1935 

Chester Brown – Louis Reel 1999-2003

The Last Saturday Chris Ware 2015


Comic strip

We start to read space as time

Windsor McCay — panels stretch upwards

Maurice Sendak illustrations 넣기- using the layout of the page, white spaces to show the narrative.

Maurice Sendak using white spaces in layout (narrative and framework)


George Herriman – Crazy and Ignatz 1916 —– It is not about the story you are telling, but its about how you are telling the story.


Chris Ware – Jimmy Corrigan 2000
While dreaming, the text is not in the speech bubble but dropped on the stairs!

sequences of the event > facets of event

the relation between the framework and narrative

not by an event but facet by facet


The last Saturday – Chris Ware 2015






an example of frame establishing our position in the work.


A Hunt in the Forest, Paolo Uccello, Around 1470

Enter a caption




There is double frame in jan van eyck the arnolfini wedding.

couple getting married / mirror – We would be the people reflected in the mirror. The artist is using the frame to narrate the illusion of the painting.


A Bar at the Folies Bergere, Eduoard Manet

As soon as you try to interpret it, it resists the interpretation from the viewer.



Dieter Roth Poetrie 1 deluxe edition 1966 (Letterpress, leather, embossing, paint, collage, chocolate) – totally prolific


Sausage Cloud 1969 (Sausage and paper between sheets of glass).


Gordon Matta-Clark : Bingo in progress 1974 / Bronx Floors: four way wall 1973



Christo and Jean Claude – Surrounded Islands 1983




in response to speculative imagination, i have set up an experiment with audio reactive visual. The language of seagulls have been used as data that i collected

live sound around the seagulls including their own voice and the sound they here

communication system



building two different side of coins — important two components




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