Brief 2: Intersection


[what design can do] conference

The starting point is asking questions!

A. Responding to need; change, good, belief,

“Design for the public good implies that there is another kind of design for the public bad, usually meaning design for corporations. We live in one World. It all matters.”
– Paula Scher


Massive Change

Park(ing) – from the film ‘Urbanized’
Reclamation project started in San Francisco in 05′ as a Guerrilla art project who converted a single metered parking space into a public space.
Q – Who was response of that?

if we think ourselves as a ‘Design thinker’, the result could be anything. Problem solving

Depaul – another side to the story. Challenge preconceptions about homelessness.

Global warming – Ice cubes with a message / engage other audience to think about it more

B. Defining a need; audience, empathy, capturing essence, research

“From designers we ask for a designers world that has meaning beyond the resolution of purely functional needs, one that has poetry, communicates subtly something that makes sense,~~

you are equipped with visual, poetic, creative thinking skills – bryan

Core Process;
double diamond

교육, 노인, 삶의 질, 변사,

Module overview;

  • develop a design interface in response to an identified need
  • gain an understanding of contemporary user entered design principles and design mothodologies
  • reflect on the theories and constructs of the behavioural ~



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