MA journey of adventure


Before the course began, every time I talked to my family or Korean friends about my major I applied for, they had no idea what communication design was. People in Korea questioned me back,

“What is communication design?”

“What subject will you be researching?”

I presumed that not knowing what design is seemed to be a chronic problem of my country. Because to most of old generations of Koreans, when they think of a designer, the first thing that comes up into their mind would be an old famous fashion designer, Andrea Kim. However, these questions provoked me to go back to the basic question. “Yes, what is communication design? What have I done in my bachelors for four years?” While I felt absolutely concerned about my MA journey, the project 1 was given and I was asked to explore aspects of my creative process and myself. I put my effort to enjoy this first MA project as much as I can, since there was an interrogation in my mind.

I became a client of myself as a brand, set a goal to define and develop myself internally and externally. However, while following the course, there was a big hardship that I haven’t thought of actively. The cultural difference in educational system has been a big challenge to myself. I surely predicted it was going to be totally different to system of Korea’s, however, the lectures and seminars did not let my brain stop. They continued me to think and think again. I realised how my thinking process remained on excessively result-oriented system and how I was adapted to learning by rote. Plus, my lack of academic English skills was challenging me as well intellectually.

This module advised me in diverse ways. It stimulated me to step out of a result-oriented mind and taught me how design process is critical for creative practice.Through lectures and seminar with provocateurs, I became more interested in knowing how others’ creative process rather than searching for their outcome, and these were indeed informative while working on my own methodologies.

The terminology ‘Deconstruction’ was one of the biggest reason which led me to choose MA Communication design here. I was looking forward to working on ‘deconstructing’ myself. Even though I had to face many daunting tasks, now I figured the purpose out on why I am on this journey.

I would say that this entire journey of this project was an adventure with joy, excitement and a feeling of tension.


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