Have some Character – Stranger Magazine

Fri, 30 SEP. 1.30pm

Provocateur lecture: Clare from Stranger Collective.


Have some Character

Stranger is a creative content collective that gathers and nurtures the very best talents and ideas, to create words and deliver training that counts.


Our Process

  • Think

Do not write anything before you think / a shiver of ideas

  • Write

A kaleidoscope(만화경) of writers

  • Create

a bazaar of talents


Do words still have place?

Words don’t matter.

Above all else.

Image show you something but words make you imagine.

If words are used properly, used in right way, they have the POWER.





Google Chrome advert. Email from dad.


Compelling narrative.


“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” Muriel Rukeyser

Story started to exist when there was fire.



Creating compelling characters

* Live it first: completely immerse yourself in it

* Build backstory(배경이 되는 이야기):

* Find the hook:

* Always consider the scene:


Writing with doors open/close à think about who to share with,~~

Just get it down!


Starting from WHY WHY WHY rather that starting from WHAT.


Creative brief for that

To get people excited

John Lewis advert.



Tone of voice consultancy service

* Understanding the brand and all its nuances

* Information gathering

* Reviewing, analysing, considering

* Arriving at characteristics

* Building a brand character or tone of voice position






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